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"Consistency Builds Strength" Class Package

Build strength through a consistent Modern dance practice and save 10-18% per class with this 4-class package. Once purchased, the package will automatically apply as a payment option when you register for your next four Tuesday, Thursday, or Saturday Modern Connections classes. Packages are nonrefundable and are valid for 30 days from the date of purchase. Balance carryovers are not available.

Package FAQ's

Ready to commit to your Modern dance practice and save money with the 4-Class "Consistency Builds Strength" Package? Here are the details you need to know:

  1. Where do I purchase a package? Packages are available for purchase here.
  2. If I have a package, do I still need to register for class? Yes, package holders will still need to register for all classes they plan on attending.
  3. How can I use my package when I register for classes? Your package will automatically apply and zero out the cost of eligible classes when you register.
  4. How much will I save with the package? You'll save 10% on Saturday and Tuesday classes and 18% on Thursday classes.
  5. Can I pay for a package over time? Yes, if you set up Vagaro Pay Later you will pay $72 in 4 interest-free installments over 6 weeks.
  6. Do packages expire? Yes, your package will be valid for 30 days from purchase.
  7. Why can I only see the class schedule for the next month? Because our new package offering is valid for 1 month, we've adjusted our booking window to a 30-day time frame.
  8. Is the package recurring? Our current offering does not auto-renew. You can purchase another package whenever you like.
  9. Do class balances roll over from month to month? No, if you have leftover classes in your package after your expiration date, they will not be added to another package.
  10. How can I check my package balance? There are a couple of ways you can check your package balance:
    1. In Your Account: This support article offers step-by-step visuals and text descriptions on how to check your package balance on and the Vagaro app.
    2. Automated Email: After you register for class with your package, the automated confirmation email that you receive will have a note on the bottom with your class balance.
$72.00 for 4 classes

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