Modern Connections News: December Edition 2023

Mini Documentary: The Modern Connections Mini Documentary is now available on YouTube. Let us know what you think and enter to win a free class through the Modern Connections feedback form.

Modern Connections brings people together by pushing the edges of visceral movement through collaboration, education and creating spaces for individual and collective reflection.   

Modern Connections is a multifaceted organization that: 1. Offers weekly low-cost public adult dance classes 2. Hosts interdisciplinary workshops 3. Cultivates partnerships with public, private, and government entities 4. Choreographs thought-provoking performances Classes are the heart of Modern Connections. ❤️ When Modern Connections classes launched in 2014, its singular weekly class saw just a few attendees. Over the past nine years, hundreds of people have joined the Modern Connections community. Now classes are offered 3-4 times a week at three studios in Greater Boston.   

What Your Support Means for Classes: 1. Overall: Your support allows us to continue offering Modern dance classes to the public at low to no cost. You can help us maintain accessible prices in the midst of a recovering economy, an inflationary period, and a year of organizational growth. 2. Access: Modern dance training is typically only available in university settings or professional dance companies. Modern Connections offers a rare opportunity by making this genre accessible to the public. 3. Pricing: Modern Connections prioritizes people over profit by keeping its offerings affordable. Regardless of class length or the cost of studio rentals, the class price remains $16. Subsidies: The cost of class is free or subsidized for a variety of participants including work-study students. Testimonial: “I am grateful deeply for the sacred and safe space that is Modern Connections, a healing space of mind, body and soul.” - Charles Murrell  

What Your Support Means for Performances: 1. Creative Economy: Performances create work opportunities for a variety of creatives - from dancers and stage managers, to lighting designers and sound engineers. 2. Dancer Pay: Modern Connections strives to provide consistent opportunities for dancers through long-term projects and to maintain market rate wages. 3. Community Transformation: Modern Connections performances are designed to cultivate impact beyond a singular moment or event. The themes of the work and engagement with the audience cultivate opportunities for individual and community transformation.  

Testimonial: “Thank YOU for a fabulous weekend and for bringing mindfulness to movement for our museum guests! People absolutely loved you all." - Museum Presenter

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