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Welcome to Modern Connections, where we foster the transformative power of movement. With classes, performances, workshops, and community events throughout the Greater Boston area, we are more than a place to learn dance technique; we are an artistic community dedicated to bridging the realms of dance, education, and collective collaboration while upholding principles of integrity and authentic connection.

Jenny Oliver, the visionary behind Modern Connections, embodies our commitment to art as a catalyst for change. Not just an artist, Jenny is also a teacher, performer, choreographer, and advocate for artistic integrity. Her unique background as a culturally Black person of Cape Verdean and Native American heritage fuels her drive to address erasure and systemic injustices through dance.

At Modern Connections, our offerings include low-cost public adult dance classes that invite you to rediscover the joy of movement. We also offer interdisciplinary workshops that delve into the intersection of dance, education, and social change. Collaborate with us on thought-provoking performances and projects that challenge conventions and inspire individual and community transformation.

Our journey began in 2014, driven by the need for sustainable creative practices in the Boston arts scene. Over the years, our dance collective has graced stages and festivals in Boston and NY, and Jenny has taken on faculty positions at Tufts University, Emerson College, Mount Holyoke College while guest teaching at Boston Conservatory, Bates Dance Festival & Salem State University. In late 2019, she made the bold decision to fully invest in her arts career.

Amidst the many intersecting pandemics of 2020, we launched "Kitchen Classes" as a testament to our commitment to community and well-being during trying times. As interest in our work grew, we expanded our digital presence and continued to collaborate on projects addressing systemic issues affecting Black and Indigenous people.

If you're ready to reconnect with your body, express yourself authentically, and join a community that values art as a catalyst for change, Modern Connections is here for you. Together, we'll push the boundaries of movement, ignite meaningful conversations, and strive for a future where everyone finds liberation.

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